Art Maze is a home for creative minds and businesses – your gateway to affordable office spaces (prices start at 3.000 kr. excl. Moms.) open 24 hours a day.

Our goal is to create a vibrant community where connections across creative arenas are forged and ideas are sparked, but with every opportunity to close your office door and concentrate on your work. Join us to amplify your creative journey.

Included in your office is the the option to book the shared meeting room, a small shared kitchen, and our hangout area. The offices provide a blank canvas for you to go nuts and you can tailor them to your needs. If you want pink walls and a wooden floor. Do your thing. If you wanna leave it as it is. Fine by us.

Let’s break it down nice and simple:


The Office

13 offices in various sizes and prices. The offices provide a blank canvas for you to go nuts.



The prices for individual offices start at 3.000 kr. + moms


The Hours

We are open 24 hours a day, offering flexibility and freedom.


The Neighbours

Your neighbours are nice, interesting and talented people in other creative arenas.


The Nr. 1 Rule

No “Fart Maze” jokes will be tolerated.


The Community

Whether engaged in theater, dance, photography, music, film, commercials, screenwriting, brand agencies, advertisement, visual design, fashion, architecture, painting or sculpting – our door is open.


The Team

Mattias Kolstrup

Founder & CEO

Mattias spent his life in the service of music. For many years as lead singer in the succesfuld group Dúné and today as a solo artist and record label owner.

Louise Hagbarth

Founder & CEO

Louise’s got a long history in the world of theater and dance with multiple responsibilities in coordination, communication and administration.

Johan Kolstrup


Despite being an educated biologist Johan’s been all around the planet as a musician living in London, New York, Berlin and Copenhagen and releasing a string of albums.