Our expansive, rustic halls provide the perfect backdrop for all types of events. From fashion shows, workshops, exhibitions, company parties, theater and dance rehearsals, photography, music videos… whatever your creative mind can imagine (and we know that’s quite a lot), Art Maze sets the stage for your vision to come to life.

The Venue is divided into Hall A (800 sqm) and Hall B (600 sqm), separated by black stage curtains. The two halls can be merged into one united hall if needed. Additionally both Hall A and Hall B can be divided in half. We have a range of partners in light, sound, stage, event set-ups etc. ready to help you if you need it.

Bryggervangen 7, 1 sal

2100 København Ø

mål i mm // 1:200 @ A3

It’s possible to design the hall exactly as you want it.
Find inspiration through the provided links

The Team

Mattias Kolstrup

Founder & CEO

Mattias spent his life in the service of music. For many years as lead singer in the succesfuld group Dúné and today as a solo artist and record label owner.

Louise Hagbarth

Founder & CEO

Louise’s got a long history in the world of theater and dance with multiple responsibilities in coordination, communication and administration.

Johan Kolstrup


Despite being an educated biologist Johan’s been all around the planet as a musician. He is currently living in Thy, Denmark building the retreat “Norse Retreat” and writing music.